Thursday, 24 November 2011

changing perfumes for the new season.

i am a sad individual. you know how i reached this conclusion? i actually like matching my perfumes to the season. this is how i know my life is exceptionally empty. nevertheless, i have finally kissed goodbye to valentino's rock n rose - with much relief i might add. floral scents are definitely my thing and i did like this, but it just had zero lasting power. you'd get about 5 seconds of a rosy scent following by a rest of pure nothing. it's a shame, as it was really light sweet, and feminine. it is now my new air freshener, as there isn't much of it left. thanks valentino.

heart notes: rose, gardenia and orange blossom.
top notes: bergamot, blackcurrant, crisp green leaves and muguet.
base notes: sandalwood, heliptrope, orris, vanilla and musky notes.

now that london has well and truly entered winter weather, i've gone for something a little warmer, muskier and spicy. guilty by gucci isn't my usual type of perfume, but it's really grown on me. it's definitely more adult and heavier - and lasts! bye bye valentino, hello gucci. i don't like the bottle as i think it looks a little tacky (i could imagine j.lo whipping this out on that night she wore that versace dress with them big ol' earrings) but oh well. it smells wonderful and i absolutely love it.

heart notes: peach, lilac and geranium.
top notes: mandarin and pink pepper.
base notes: ambery notes and patchouli.

in other news, my workload this week has been absolutely manic - and sadly, it is only just the beginning as i have to begin my coursework for my feminist legal theory module. i've given myself until january to finish it, but ideally i would like it done by christmas so that i have an extra week to begin research on the new one. in a dream world? have it done in 3 weeks. it all goes downhill from here really...


  1. I've yet to try Guilty by Gucci!! I really want to try it now after reading this post!! xx

  2. it is delicious, i'd love to know what you make of it!


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