Saturday, 25 February 2012

topshop haul.

naughty me. i'm sorry, blog - i've been ever so busy. i haven't done a review/purchase post in so long and what a way to bring it back with some gorgeous products from topshop! i tried fighting it but i just can't do it anymore: i just love their products. i recently popped into the flagship store and treated myself to some meadham kirchoff nail wraps (they have vaginas on them, so now my fingers can scissor), a lip pencil in "fearless" and a matte lipstick in "all about me". i've never used nail wraps before, but i'm saving them for a special occasion so i won't be showing them to you just yet (read: i haven't figured out how on earth i put them on, so i am postponing that trouble for another time).

i admit that i am always so pleasantly surprised by topshop's products - more so than their clothes in fact. i mean, this lip pencil's shade is fantastic. i can think of at least four lipsticks i own which would go with it as it is a really standard pink. it's not gimmicky or wacky, which is what i was after. and yes, it's not a revolutionary shade by any means, but i had been looking for a shade like this for so long and nowhere else had it. the lip pencil has decent pigmentation (not like the ones by mac though, which are just crazy) and feels nice on the lips. but then again, it's not as creamy as the ones by no 7... so although i'm in love with the colour selection of lip pencils at topshop and grateful for this pink goodness in my life, in terms of formulation, they're not my all-time favourites. then again, the other brands i've mentioned are slightly more expensive, and if you're on a budget then these really are decent for the price.

sorry for the rubbish swatch.

however, the star of the show (and the reason i ventured into topshop in the first place!) is the lipstick. a topshop make-up artist follows me on twitter and had their latest campaign shot as her profile picture. i asked what lipstick the model was wearing, and made up my mind to buy it. i had never tried topshop lipstick before, and when trying out new lipsticks, going for a matte shade is high-level dangerous business. totally high risk behaviour. it's essentially jumping into the deep end, because matte lipsticks are where so many brands can often get it wrong (so wrong). but step aside, ladies. "all about me" is a loud, attention-grabbing hot pink and definitely lives up to its name. unfortunately it's a blogger's nightmare though, as i can't get a photo which accurately depicts the shade: sometimes it looks red, sometimes purple, sometimes pink! but trust me when i say that this is definitely a hot colour which would suit many complexions.

having worn it for a few days now, i can happily report the following: topshop matte lipsticks are brilliant. intense colour, coupled with staying power and a creamy formulation despite it being matte? AND CHEAP?! absolutely cracking stuff. i always go on and on about how revlon matte lipsticks must be concocted with fairy dust or unicorn hairs or something to make them so magically creamy - but this formulation definitely comes second place (which is still a compliment of the highest order). 

 i find it quite interesting how higher-priced brands still fail to accomplish creamy matte lipsticks though, and wish they'd follow suit. if topshop or revlon got their mitts on my beloved 'ruby woo' and made it creamier, i would definitely be in lipstick nirvana. so yeah, i'm pretty sure that topshop is slowly becoming my top recommendation for make-up if you want to spend less but still get great quality cosmetics.

also that perfect-looking plait on my head? not my real hair. that's right - gettin' wiggy with it. i look so tired.

face: 17 primer, illamasqua skin base foundation (10), collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer (#2), clinique airbrush concealer (03 light), mac mineralize skinfinish (medium plus).
eyes: maybelline gel liner, no 7 lash adapt mascara, mac eyebrow pencil (stud).
cheeks: topshop (high five).
lips: topshop lip pencil (fearless), topshop lipstick (all about me).
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