Friday, 27 April 2012

ripped in 30 review & results.


four weeks later, and i am finally done! boy, this was hard. so, so hard. am i schwarzenegger's doppleganger now? not particularly. am i ever-so-slightly stronger? yessir.

unfortunately my plans to blog a lot didn't materalise over the past week.  i've been revising for exams, haven't left the house all week, AND have somehow managed to get a throat infection with a cold to boot. suffice to say, glamming up and playing around with make-up really hasn't been on my agenda as of late.

it is for those reasons that i just do not want to share my sick face with the world right now. instead, you can see me when i was very little instead. all i can offer right now is that yes, my thighs and arms have slimmed down since. go me!

but back to the results. what you probably need to know is that i only did this dvd and some walking for the first two weeks. however, during the third and fourth week,  i was doing this dvd, walking, yoga and some bouts at the gym - so any results i did have were not the result of doing this dvd on its own. 

measurements before                        measurements after
waist: 26.8''                                                     waist: 26.3" (-0.5) 
hips: 38''                                                           hips: 37.7" (-0.3) 
thighs: 21.8''                                                   thighs: 21.6" (-0.2)  
calves: 13''                                                       calves: 12.6" (-0.4) 
upper arms: 9.5''                                           upper arms: 9.1" (-0.3)
lower arms: 9.0"                                           lower arms: 8.7" (-0.3)


for those who are interested, i lost 0.3" in level one, 0.4" in level two, 0.5" in level three, and 0.8" in level four. but despite losing a small amount, there are results when i compare photos side-by-side. my entire middle section looks more compact, and i feel as if my calves and upper arms look somewhat slimmer. my stomach and thighs looks smaller from the side.

for the first time ever, i also made an effort to lose actual weight. i wanted get a lower number on the scales for greater muscle definition. however, i only decided to start this mini mission 3 weeks into this and so it's still ongoing. i initially weighed in at 139.5lbs (63.3kg), and currently weigh 137.5lbs (62.4kg) - meaning that i've lost 2lbs in my first week.

before the workout
i realised that 30-day programmes (where things change after a while) are what i like best, and that short but intense workouts are what suits my personal routine. so, i did this purely because it's the only other jillian michaels dvd that closely resembles the format of the 30 day shred. did i expect to get super ripped? not particularly. i just wanted to lose more inches and get more toned. i also was keen to see what moves would be in this workout as doing things with weights (that makes me sound as if i am about to join the circus) was one of the things i-sort-of-hated-but-secretly-enjoyed in previous dvds.

during the workout
the format remains the same: 3 minutes on strength, 2 minutes on cardio, and 1 minute on abs. however, there are a few differences. firstly, rather than doing two moves in the strength circuits as in 30 day shred, you now do three. i prefer this as doing the same thing for longer obviously hurts more and results in less variety. secondly, the workout is a tad longer due to the extended warm-up and cool-down sections - making the workout last between 25-30 minutes. thirdly, it is recommended that you do each level for 5-6 days with one day of rest (i did 7).

after the workout
this was very hard in parts and my feelings towards it were very up and down. i liked the beginning and the end, but not so much inbetween. if you are debating whether to do this or the shred, i'd recommend doing the shred first. steer clear if you also have any lingering knee/leg injuries.

as stated, my inch loss wasn't that high. but, i blame that on me fooling around and eating more rubbish than usual. i can't and won't use it to dismiss the dvd at all. why? well not only is it the first dvd to make me lose something EVERYWHERE, but it is also the first ever thing (out of all the exercises/dvds/exhausting things i have ever done) that has slimmed down my calves. to put this in context for you, i will explain. i always walk. this has actually been the case for years and years. the result is that i can't pinch my calves at all, which had always remained at 13". and now they've gone down by 0.4"! almost half an inch! trust me when i say that that is momentous you could also perhaps take it as evidence that this dvd is no joke.

what next?
my results from this bring my total inch loss to 8.2". not too shabby, non? as it stands, i'm not sure as to what i'll do next. very tempted to work on my tummy and inner thighs. i also kept a diary as always, so read on if you're interested...

day one, level one - i REALLY enjoyed that! i definitely broke a sweat - but i feel as if i might have a headstart having completed the 30 day shred and banish fat boost metabolism. i did the modifications but they're not wildly different from the normal moves. after working out for over an hour each day, going back to doing 25 minutes of this sort of thing is pure bliss. i cannot wait to improve.

day two, level one - today it dawned on me how far i've come in general, and not just with regards to this (seeing as i've barely started!). when i began the 30 day shred, i literally couldn't do a single push-up. not one. in fact, i was so terrible and useless at them that i replaced them with something else altogether, and blissfully finished level one without doing them at all. when i was exercising today, i managed to do at least 5 during the circuit. yes i had to drop to my knees sometimes, but i was massively proud of myself. i also improved during the strength moves by doing the intermediate versions using 1kg weights and then upping it to 1.5kg when i repeated them. i couldn't do this for circuit 3 though, as my arms were really killing. i'm okay at cardio i guess (how could i NOT be after bfbm?) but i am still doing the beginner modifications for the ab moves. i really gave it everything today.

day 3, level one - so far i haven't hit that stage where i finish the workout and my body aches for hours afterwards. truthfully, i suspect that i'm only enjoying this so much because my body has adapted and is capable of doing it. using 1kg weights is now pretty much the norm for me - which is funny, considering how proud i was for using them back in february. but anyway yeah, this time i tried to improve with the strength moves by alternating between 1kg/1.5kg weights through the entire thing, and not just strength circuits 1 and 2. i also did a whopping 7 push-ups (haha) and even though i'm still doing the beginner version of the ab moves, i managed to do a few reps of the advanced versions.

day four, level one - i improved again today. i did 10 push-ups (!!!)... and bashira's ab moves in circuits 2 and 3... plus i used my heaviest weights for circuits 1, 2 and half of 3... i mean seriously, that domino's clearly gave me the oomph i was lacking all this time. i'm thinking about adding weights to the cardio intervals.

day five, level one - went innnnnn! did all the strength circuits with my heaviest weights, 12 push-ups (lord have mercy), and added 1kg weights to the butt kicks. super pleased with myself. i still struggle with some of the ab moves though.

day six, level one - i should've really taken today off as i was feeling pretty low on energy. however, i'm so stoked about almost finishing level one that i did it anyway. i did a few more push-ups today, and added 1kg weights to more cardio moves rather than just butt kicks. i really do feel burnt out though, and i'm just dying to move on.

day seven, level one - having had a day off, i was super excited to finish this level. the only progress i made since yesterday was adding weights to more cardio reps but as i did it in the morning, i was feeling more tired than usual. pretty scared about level two now!

day eight, level two - i basically flung myself around my room with 1kg weights. pretty sure that it would have resembled an exorcism to an outsider. the first two circuits are so frantic! i'm still getting to grips with what comes next, and so i did the modifier version of everything. unfortunately, level two is like the evil lovechild of banish fat boost metabolism and level two of the 30 day shred with all the worst moves thrown in. even the warm-up tired me out! nevertheless, i can definitely see myself improving on the strength moves... but the cardio moves in plank position are just killer. my thighs were ever so slightly achy for the rest of the day. think i hate jillian.

day nine, level two - I HAVE AN AB. THAT'S RIGHT. ONE. is that even possible? maybe i am just hallucinating it (i like how i hallucinate a singular ab rather than a six pack, haha). anyway, i did a better job today in that i managed some advanced moves. however, i still suck at them as i'm still trying to get my form right. i can also do plank jacks, but just find squat thrusts and mountain climbers unbearable. weirdly enough, i also find the advanced scarecrow push-ups easier than the modified version (although i have to end up doing the modified version after a few). so yeah, i'm generally crap and inconsistent. unfortunately i've also run out of contact lenses so i can barely tell what's happening. my entire core is quite sore as i type this.

day ten, level two - today was supposed to be a day of rest but then i had to go and eat some victoria sponge. grrrr! i did this workout followed by twenty minutes on the treadmill. i still suck at plank moves. but, my balance is improving and i managed to use my heaviest weights a few times. i still find the ab moves quite challenging, but i think that's because i'm still waiting for my lenses to arrive as i can barely see what i am supposed to be doing.

day eleven, level two - i had a day off. the last two days have been awful and i've really been binging on junk. i feel pretty guilty about it. i just feel so lethargic and demotivated, and today it showed. i feel like i've gone a step backwards on everything except the strength moves (where i used my heaviest weights throughout). i just absolutely hate plank positions with a passion, and it makes me feel rubbish when i can't do them all without stopping and dying.

day twelve, level two - not going to lie. i did this and 'day 11' on the same day! i worked out at 11am, and did the workout again at 8pm. i had eaten a lot but it wasn't really guilt-induced - i simply just wanted to get off my bum. i can't say i magically progressed since the morning, but i did do ever-so-slightly better at some of the moves. i suspect that i was simply not awake in the morning and that i just flopped about miserably.

day thirteen, level two - tomorrow i can kiss goodbye to this horrible workout and never do the plank positions ever again! i woke up with an achy arm today but oddly enough, i fared much better at the plank stuff today. i did a full minute of plank jacks and mountain climbers, and then had to stop twice (for a few seconds) in the second minute. i also did more squat thrusts. i don't know what's changed today. was it the mcdonald's?

day fourteen, level two - i'm still feeling demotivated, fat and bloated. so, i'm going to really watch what i eat. i'll take it one day at a time obviously, but the idea is to a) eat less, b) eat well, and c) try and balance it all out. but hey, LEVEL TWO IS OVER! yesssss. happy days. unfortunately i did not do as well on the plank positions as yesterday (still think it was the mcdonald's) and my knees were slightly aching so i couldn't get a wider range of motion.

day fifteen, level three - now i am really nervous. having looked this dvd up, i soon gathered that level 3 was apparently the hardest, scariest, body-destroying-est level there is. and frankly, it is. i was just lost for the most part WHERE ARE MY F*CKING LENSES and had to stop several times to have some water and check that i wasn't actually dead. and that was with the modifier moves alone! seriously. even the warm-up tired me out. sometimes the moves themselves are actually doable but jillian's pace is so quick that i really struggle to keep up. spent an hour on the treadmill that night to compensate. as i am beginning to hit that horrible plateau stage, i am now upping my daily calorie burn to 400-500. i burnt 560 today which is rather good.

day sixteen, level three - i took a day off before doing this. frankly, the entire day sucked. i don't know what's gotten into me as my diet is absolutely awful. because of that, i'm not seeing results. i really do hate study leave for that reason. because i'm at home all day, i eat out of boredom and there's no excuse for it. in terms of the workout, that too sucked. i hate the warm-up as i don't warm up at all. instead, my arms tire quickly - and my body can back me up on this as i had pulled a muscle in my right upper arm AND my leg by circuit 3. i also struggle with form still, which was made worse by the fact that i put some real strain on my leg from yesterday's treadmill binge. i haven't really made progress because of that, and so i wasn't able to burn my 500 calories.

day seventeen, level three - burnt 557 calories by walking, doing the workout, and going on the treadmill. on an extremely basic level, today was a success because i completed it without injuring myself! hay hay haaaaay! i used my heaviest weights twice, and felt as if i did much better at some of the moves. i even attempted the advanced versions of some of the moves for the first time. however, the strength moves in circuit 3 are completely beyond me still. legs ache all evening.

day eighteen, level three - i'm slowly starting to enjoy this workout. i used my heaviest weights a whopping three times now (!!!) and i'm also improving at the cardio intervals. however, i must remind everyone that the last strength circuit is insane. only burnt 408 calories today, whoops.

day nineteen, level three - i lost a day off before doing this due to achy arms, but managed to burn 512 calories by walking and doing some yoga. i also burnt exactly 500 calories today too by doing the same thing. progress-wise, i'm using my heaviest weights for more strength reps, can now do the first cardio interval without stopping, and go slightly lower during the first two strength moves. i'm not sure how to feel about my inch loss (or lack thereof) - but i won't quit, having come this far.

day twenty, level three - it took a LOT of willpower for me to do the workout today. i'm feeling so irritated by my lack of inch loss, and it's leaving me demotivated. this is not helped by the fact that i'm also getting my period tomorrow (you're welcome). maybe i'm just pms-ing??!! i mean, i definitely feel more toned, but it's so much nicer to have the proof in front of you... if anything, this just feels like a chore right now, as i can't do other things or go to the gym and spend my time on machines as the time is better spent finishing this up! nevertheless, the negativity definitely showed in my workout today. i felt like i half-arsed a lot of it, and just couldn't be bothered. i didn't even burn 500 calories. my only achievement is that i used my heaviest weights throughout for the first time.

day twenty one, level three - UGH, DONE. no new progress.

day twenty two, level four - this workout looks deceptively easy, but is really hard. as it currently stands, i think i really prefer this one compared to levels two and three. i had bought a heart rate monitor during between levels two and three which didn't work (thanks, ebay) but now a new one has arrived from amazon, so i'm hoping to set it up for tomorrow. i think i'd be more motivated seeing an accurate calorie burn because i'd want to increase it...

day twenty three, level four - finally! a heart rate monitor that works! it seems that i've been downplaying my calorie burn. i assumed that i was burning around 250 calories all this time but i actually burnt 338! score! i also burnt more calories during the day resulting in a total of 562 cals burnt. i even ate quite well! I AM REFORMED! anyway, the workout improved as always after the first day. i tried to do a few advanced moves, and took fewer 5-second breaks. my ultimate goal? probably to finish the second cardio circuit without stopping. and although i'm not at that stage just yet, it was that second cardio circuit which made me realise just how much stronger i've become. you see, one of the moves is scissor jumps which featured in banish fat boost metabolism. i could barely do them back then. maybe 1 or 2 on a good day and then i'd stop and do something else. now i can do way more!

day twenty four, level four - today i burnt 301 calories (639 overall, factoring in yoga and pilates). i used my heaviest weights for the first time, and feel like i fared slightly better at a few moves. i even used my heaviest weights! (albeit ONCE, ha...) that second cardio circuit is still kicking my butt though. i had to take three 5-second breaks during the scissor jumps, and one 5-second break during burpees. i also made an effort to try and do more advanced reps and as i type this, my shoulders and lower back aches so much. i love it though, because it means something is happening...

day twenty five, level four - today i burnt 327 calories. i made progress in the sense that i used my heaviest weights (for the first strength circuit, renegade rows and bicep curls with rotation) and tried to stick with more advanced moves. however, the second cardio circuit is still kicking my butt. i managed to do the last cardio circuit with only one 5-second break, but the second one? JEEZ. i gave it my all today, and although i still had to stop, i managed more jumps and had 189 beats p/m according to my heart rate monitor - which is the highest it's ever been.

day twenty six, level four - today i switched things up. usually i do exercises that can be intense but bearable (i.e. jogging, walking, yoga) before i do ripped in 30, because switching it the other way round would mean that i would be too burnt out to do much else. however, i did intense exercise at the gym before the workout today, meaning that i only burnt 305 calories and was definitely running on lower energy. my knees were really feeling it so i couldn't do the second half of the second cardio circuit... but i did do the final cardio circuit without stopping once so that is my little victory for the day. i even attempted a few jumps inbetween my burpees!

day twenty seven, level four - i had decided that i would have a day off today, as i'd got a fair few days without one,and hadn't really had good sleep the night before. however, by 8pm boredom had got the better of me and so i ended up doing it. this was an error though, as i felt as if i had been beaten up afterwards. i'm just so impatient and so ready to move onto something new that i want to finish this as quickly as possible. burnt 307 calories.

day twenty eight, level four - burnt 309 calories, and i feel as if i've improved at plank moguls and cardio in general. i feel so much stronger and fitter. can't believe i'm done!


  1. Congratulations!!
    I've never gone as far as level 4 because I always end up moving on to something else and then starting again a couple of months later on level one!

    1. haha thank you! it was really hard to stick with this one, definitely took up all of my willpower. xx

    2. Good job on your success. i am on day 3 of the week 1 workout and I am feeling like I lost more inches than fat. It seems to get a little more doable each day that I'm at it. I'm seeing a few results but I don't want to continue if it won't continue to get me more toned.

  2. Awww cute bubbah *squishy cuddle* sorry I work with babies, couldn't resist! :D xx

    1. hahaha, i shall not judge xxx

  3. Thanks for doing these reviews, they're really helpful and Congrats on your results!

    1. thanks zoe! i'm currently trying to finish two things at once. BIG mistake! haha. x

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