Monday, 7 May 2012

bourjois 3d effect max lipgloss in 'rose lyric'.

i'm writing this at 1.18am on the 7th of may. i have an exam tomorrow. am i prepared? sort of yes, sort of no. i've revised four full topics and a sort of half topic where i will only be able to answer a very specific question. so let's say 4.5 topics... and in the exam, i have to answer 3. to say that i am risking it is a huge understatement, i know. but the module was killer and my tutor was really unclear 99.999% of the time. if i asked a question, he'd get even more incoherent! however, i have faith (i am a new convert to faith after the sheer miracle that happened to me in march), will wear my lucky lipstick, and will try to believe that it will be okay. POSITIVE THINKING. my topics will come up. my topics will come up. my topics will come up.*

that aside, i was watching a documentary on disco a few nights ago (don't even ask) and was dazzled by the big hair, big eyelashes and super sparkly lips. i can't say that i've taken to flared jeans and platform shoes just yet though. however, my latest plaything is bourjois' 3D effect max lipgloss and it is great for achieving that super sparkly look - so i think that on some subconscious level, i am clearly feeling inspired by the gay rights movement and drag queen scene that disco brought along. that's right. my make-up is topical. we're all high-brow here.

super thick eyeliner, big lashes and rosy cheeks.

face: 17 primer, illamasqua skin base (10), collection lasting perfection concealer (#2), clinique airbrush concealer (03 light), mac mineralize skinfinish (medium plus).
eyes: maybelline gel liner, eyelure naturalites false eyelashes (volume plus), lancome hypnose l'extreme mascara, rimmel kohl liner, illamasqua thin pencil (eerie).
cheeks: mac (ladyblush), no 7 skin illuminator (peach).
lips: bourjois lipgloss (rose lyric).

apologies for the blurry picture - i took it while the sun was setting (blogging cardinal sin, yes i know). but back to the product. i'll get the negative out of the way first. firstly, this product is a little pricey for what it does at £6.99. yes that's cheaper than most, but for a few pounds extra you can get a gloss from no 7 that feels nicer (and where you don't feel the glitter as much). secondly, it could last a little longer. then again, i'm no lipgloss expert so maybe that's just standard.

i hate you sun, why must you set. i mean really. give me a little something here.

however, what i do love is the colour and pigmentation. it looks just like i've applied a lipstick underneath and the colour is perfect for summer when you don't want heavy products on your face. it's also not gloopy or sticky, and is super duper glittery. if that's not your thing, then steer clear! would i recommend it? i guess i would, largely due to its lightness and bold colour. however, it's probably best to wait until bourjois runs a 3 for 2 offer or something - then you can buy their blushers and foundations which i love with a fiery passion, and have this as a treat on the side.

so yeah - think positive thoughts for me people and PRAY! and apologies again for the terrible photo. i have a fabulous product (which i can't wait to review) for next time to make up for it.

* if they do not then i will fail and have a panic attack and vomit and shit everywhere. or do something equally as degrading and tragic. i will then get killed by my parents. no biggie.
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