Friday, 21 October 2011

i am alive.

i haven't blogged in so long! shocking behaviour, i know. i wish i could attribute this to having some form of life but unfortunately, that is not the reason. i have been working long hours, been settling into my masters degree, and was also ill for six weeks. i didn't have the time. BUT, i will be keeping it up.

my masters is definitely a peculiar step. sometimes i still sit there and think what on earth i am doing or why am i even there. this isn't to do with the place i'm going to at all - it's just that i still have zero clue of where i am heading career-wise. i haven't bothered making friends (is this bad of me? it probably is) but as an institution, i do prefer the university i am currently at. i did my undergraduate degree in one of the best universities in the country (and supposedly, THE WORLD~), but it just didn't feel like it at all because i hated my course. everything was so traditional and so rigid and very red-brick. however, in my new university, the atmosphere is a lot more chilled out and calming. the careers service is 1000x better. the department office plays billie holiday. in these last few weeks, i've seen a more diverse range of people than i ever had at the place i was previously at.

... although i must say, the friends i made during my llb degree are second to none. amazing, twisted, bunch of psychos (my favourite). i love them. :3
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