Thursday, 10 November 2011

feeling blue... rimmel's colour mousse in 'mermaid'.

it's my reading week this week. i have a LOT of work to do, a panic room to sort out, and a final pay cheque to chase up. i haven't got a lot of money right now and it's stressing me out, because my travel costs me approximately £100 per month and i would have enough if work would actually pay me when they're meant to! >< i'd give anything for another week off though. i have a stack of reading and just looking at it sends me off to sleep. the cold weather is also wreaking total havoc with my skin, leaving it uncomfortably dry and dull. for all of the reasons above, i've been pretty stressed to say the least!

earrings - asos

this is my newest budget-friendly dress though, from vero moda. i saw it on asos whilst it was on sale, but couldn't justify it. i then saw it again in their sunday sale (which was vilified on facebook for having "disgusting dresses", WHATEVER SUCKAZ) for £10. £10. that is basically the same price as my sessions of happiness at wagamamas. i had to have it! it's very 60s and i usually avoid short shift dresses but this just about works on my figure.

in terms of make-up, i decided to get all matchy and go for blues. if i'm honest, i actually do hate blue make-up. i hate it on 99.999% of people and i don't know why, it's just an irrational hatred of mine. it makes my eyes look really dead and for some reason, the lighter the blue, the more i hate it. i was therefore hideously unhappy when i got an extra pot of rimmel's colour mousse ages ago with a purple one i bought against my own will. admittedly, at the time i thought i'd sell it or give it to someone.

however, i decided to give it a whirl - and it was not as traumatising as i anticipated. this shade, called "mermaid", is a really intense metallic shade. it's so vivid that if i saw it on someone else, i would basically never guess that it's from a high street brand. it's really easy to build up or tone down, by virtue of being really blendable. if you want it to look really bright, you can just put the mousse on and it won't dull at all after a few hours. so yeah, i don't LOVE this shade, but am surprisingly neutral towards it. i would've put on some false lashes too, but i was only going for drinks round a girlfriend's place.

damn eye shape always causing creases...

face: no 7 lift and luminate day cream, 17 primer, bourjois healthy mix foundation (52), collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer (#2), mac mineralize skinfinish (medium plus).
eyes: urban decay primer potion, rimmel kohl pencil, rimmel colour mousse (mermaid), urban decay eyeshadow (oil slick), benefit gilded highlighter (tangerine gold), maybelline gel liner, max factor false lash effect mascara, mac eyebrow pencil (stud), the body shop brow & lash gel.
cheeks: no 7 skin illuminator, bourjois blush (rose ambré).
lips: vaseline.
nails - model's own (slate green)
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