Tuesday, 6 March 2012

nail art tutorial: summer brights.

i am well and truly british. i may have brown hair and brown eyes, and my fluency in other languages may be semi-convincing - but let me tell you that my game is totally up once a single ray of sunshine peeks out from behind the clouds. that's right. in true brit form, the moment i detect even a hint of sunshine, out goes the winter wardrobe, out comes the colourful accessories, and new hobbies begin to include reading in the "sun" (that is, anything above 15 degrees).

because of the sort-of mild weather, i've really been enjoying bright and playful nails in pastel colours. shades that remind of me liquorice allsorts, even though i actually hate them. this is one sort of style i've been wearing recently - and it's very easy to do, so read on to find out how.

l-r: model's own nail polish (3-in-1), boots expert nail and cuticle oil, barry m nail polish (lemon), dotter, model's own nail file, rimmel nail polish (rose libertine) and 17 nail polish (nightshade).

as my nails are not in tip-top condition, i began by rubbing nail oil onto them and pushed my cuticles back. i then applied the model's own nail polish as a base coat to prevent staining. then, i added the yellow polish all over. so far, so easy. this is then followed by pink triangles/ovals (triovals?) which is probably the hardest part as you have to have a steady hand as well as a good brush - and as you can probably tell by how uneven they are, i had neither! then, finish by adding a black tip across the top, followed by a base coat. the polka dots were achieved by using the wider end of the dotter, and makes it that much more interesting. alternatively, you could also go further and use the narrow end of a dotter to add another colour in the middle of the dots if you so wish.

here's to more summery looking nails!
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