Thursday, 9 February 2012

my favourite shoes.

the great wall of china. the great battles of skyrim. the great wardrobe clear-out of jasmine? well, that's yet to happen. i'm still shifting a LOT of stuff on ebay on an ad hoc basis, but at a pace of 0.01 mph. what's even worse is that i haven't even really moved onto clothes! fortunately though, i have cleaned up my shoes and made a note of what i have and don't have - it's hard keeping track of them, and i imagine this is what it feels like to have lots of children and then lose one.

i thought i'd share my favourite pair with you. i can't remember the season right now but these are my very special prada shoes, and i only ever wear them on special occasions. the flower heels are just so pretty! i imagine that, if i ever complete a london marathon, do a phd, win a nobel prize or marry michel roux jnr (yeah yeah i know, no shame in my game), i'll be wearing these. 

i'd love to see other people's favourite pair. link me and show me if you want.
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