Sunday, 29 January 2012

no 7's 'beautiful skin' day cream.

recently i've been needing something that provides more moisture for my skin because it's become so dry (due to the cold freezing weather and constant central heating) - and i was always keen on trying out this cream. no 7 have brought out a new 'beautiful skin' range with all sorts of products, so much so that i don't think i'd have the time to list them. what marks this out from other high-street brands is that they seem to have gone down the clinique route where for every product (e.g. a cleanser), there are four or five variations depending on skin type. i think that's a pretty nice touch, and i'm glad to see it entering the high street domain - even if no 7 is on the more expensive side.

i went for the day cream designed for normal-dry skin, and i've really liked it so far. it's quite expensive at £12.50, but you get a lot of product which is really good quality, and it's encased in beautiful packaging. a problem i've had with other day creams that i've tried is that they can sometimes feel sticky, turn gloopy or make my skin look and feel really greasy. they also sometimes make the centre of my face itch for some bizarre reason. with this, i haven't had any of that. it absorbs into the skin quickly, smells nice, has spf and leaves my skin feeling smoother and softer for hours. for that alone, i would totally repurchase.

it's a shame that it's priced at £12.50 though, because i am a student bum. i'd recommend waiting until boots dishes out those £5 off vouchers before stocking up - it's what i intend on doing at least!
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