Saturday, 10 March 2012

jillian michaels: banish fat and boost metabolism.

yes, another blog post on jillian. following on my success with the 30 day shred, i am destroying myself building upon that and feeding off my love for jillian michaels! i know i'm so late - and in my defence, i'm not american - but i really do like her. she has an excellent body and i often spend most of my time swooning over her hair/eyebrows/eyes/entire self.

she's so dreamy...

truthfully speaking, i would much rather do another 30 day programme, or something with a prescribed time on it. however, you may have noticed that i am a girl. girls have periods. i don't want to be starting something like that and then stopping in the middle, because then i lose momentum and it gets really hard all over again as the levels only get harder and harder. so, i've decided to try out banish fat and boost metabolism next. it doesn't tell you how many days to do it for, which makes me feel like i can be more flexible with it.

as it stands, the plan is to do it for two weeks (14 days). rather than bulk up even more, i want to continue losing inches and basically lose more fat - so i think i stand in good stead with this. however, it's a purely aerobic workout that is all cardio, with zero weights - so i am a little nervous that not incorporating weights may reverse the progress i have made. but i will take that risk and see how i get on. the MOMENT i spot any inch gain, i'm out! after the 14 days are up, i'll see what results (if any) happen and decide where to go from there. come back in two and a half weeks to see how i did.

ps - i've had some bad news and my uni is accusing me of something which i haven't done. obviously i am extremely stressed so blogging will take a back seat until it is resolved. sorry.


  1. Oh dear, I hope you can sort everything out in your favour.

    I love Jillian Michaels but am extending my love to Jackie Warner! Her Xtreme time saver workout is amazingly hard!

    Good luck with everything :)

  2. that is hilary swank.

  3. Hmm.. Certainly is gorgeous. I agree with the banish fat and boost metabolism, but the greatest challenge after weight loss is to keep it off. And of course this means keeping to a diet and exercise. A diet plan is needed as one cannot keep track of all those bad foods one should avoid. It's amazing what you think is good but turns out bad as far as weight avoidance is concerned.

    1. agreed. it's a complete lifestyle overhaul, rather than a quick fix. unfortunately i'm still trying to work out the diet part...


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