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30 day shred review & results.


you can't say i don't spoil you. who else would spend over a month writing a blog post for you? das rite. ME. and what a blog post it is. i have finally completed the 30 day shred, and it feels oh so good to finally publish this review - along with the results, obviously. needless to say i am extremely pleased with how i've done. i've tried to cover every single little detail and hopefully those who are on the fence will be encouraged to complete it.

with the exception of my waist, i took measurements at the thickest point. i have a sort of mangled apple body shape, where any weight i gain goes straight to my tummy. this means that i have narrower hips than most, and that any weight gained on my thighs goes on my inner thighs rather than my outer thighs. (i know right. talk about awkward.) i also am a giant wuss and opted out of posting pictures - to see the results properly, i'd need to be in my knickers and as before/after pictures are widely circulated, i don't want any photos of me wearing very little lurking around the internet. sorry! however, i can see a difference. no i'm not exactly unrecognisable, but my waist does look smaller as do my arms. my general mid section still is by no means perfect, but looks more toned. there isn't a crazy difference from the side though, except that my tum is slightly flatter.

measurements before:                         measurements after:

waist: 29''                                                           waist: 27" (-2)
hips: 38.5''                                                         hips: 38.5 (-0)
thighs: 23.5''                                                     thighs: 22" (-1.5)
calves: 13''                                                         calves: 13" (-0)
upper arms: 10.7''                                         upper arms: 9.8" (-0.9)
lower arms: 9.5''                                              lower arms: 9.1" (-0.4)


amazing, right? i feel so completely proud of myself, and feel a new sense of positivity towards fitness as a whole. i really don't want to stop at this point - rather, i want to continue challenging myself and push myself so that i  get into the best shape i've ever been since 2008 in my life. i wish i could meet jillian and thank her, because she really did deliver - and luckily for me, she has so many dvds out so i am spoilt for choice.

for those who are interested, the biggest changes occurred during level one which is somewhat ironic given that it is supposed to be the easiest. i think my body got a real shock to the system, and decided to tell me by losing 2.8". during level two, which i found the hardest by far, i lost 1.1". and throughout level 3, i lost 0.9". however, i have gained weight (3kg) which i suspect is water weight. i don't care though, because inches coming off was what i always wanted.


before the shred
little bit of background info here. i admit that i was a little cocky before starting this. i usually do 45-60 minutes of zumba several times a week, and walk quite often. i thought that it would stand me in good stead, and i guess it did when i read other diaries which describe sheer pain (my favourite was one where the blogger couldn't sit down on the toilet). additionally, the only part of me that is toned has always been my calves, ever since i could remember. i can't pinch them at all. this, in my warped little brain, made me assume that i would ace any leg exercise she threw at me. i guess my sense of realism only kicked in with the acknowledgement that even though the shred is designed to be complete in 30 days, i wasn't ever going to push myself if i were to feel any proper pain or injury. i wasn't ever going to cause myself any damage just for the sake of saying i didn't take a single day off.

in terms of equipment, you will need a mat (that is, if you are exercising on a hard surface), proper shoes (i can't stress how important this is), and handweights. my weights are so small, and frankly, i can't be bothered to get heavier ones. i have 3 sizes which i got from argos - i think they cost around £15. the pink weights are 0.5kg (1.1 lbs) each, the blue are 1kg (2.2 lbs) each, and the green are 1.5kg (3.3 lbs) each. i admit that, at times, i wished i had heavier ones - not because using these weights were easy (NO) but because i would've been able to push myself further on my good days.

during the shred
for optimal results, you'd obviously have to have a good diet aswell. as with a lot of her dvds, jillian includes a meal plan. unfortunately, i didn't do this - so it will remain a "what if?" as to how many more inches i would have lost if i did. in true jasmine form, i didn't cut a single thing or restrict my eating in any way. in the 30 days there were mcdonald's, kebabs, pizza, pasta, and bread. truly carb central. the only thing i did not consciously have was alcohol except on one occasion - but this was more due to me adjusting my priorities, and putting studies before any nights out. other friends which accompanied me on the programme were: harry ramsden, colonel saunders, wagamamas, and ping pong dim sum. however, i'd also supplement the workout with long walks and other exercises when i felt like it... so maybe that's how i got away with it.

i also found that there is a really supportive e-community on twitter & tumblr with lots of people using those platforms to update how they're finding it. i'd get all sorts of tweets congratulating me, giving me advice, or sharing experiences - and that too was really nice.

after the shred
what next? well, i'm fitter, stronger, ever-so-slightly leaner and really positive about having this new thing (that is, serious fitness) in my life. i now have something that counterbalances all the crap i eat, and minimises the damage i do to my body all the time. here's to that next stage of getting a killer body! thanks to all the people (especially on twitter) who gave me kind words of support. i do really encourage anyone to do this, and trust me, you won't look back. as for blogging about these things, well, i'm hoping to make a series out of this and do detailed reviews/results for each of her dvds. :)

the diary: i kept a diary of how i was finding the workouts every day. interested? read on...

day one, level one: ... well, that killed. the workout is for 20 minutes and i sweated my arse off. anyone who does this for 30 days straight and doesn't lose weight clearly has something wrong with them! my legs are aching and i feel exhausted, but it seems that i've got off lucky as i'm not experiencing any actual, proper pain as reported by other people who are doing the shred. (thank you zumba.)

day two, level one: even though the workout is the same, my lower calves and my arms are aching. my waist is now 28'' somehow. i think it's terrified of jillian - so much so that an inch ran away immediately.

day three, level one: really not getting the hang of push-ups. i simply can't do them. i can't even do ONE. so, i replaced the push-ups with a strength move she does instead (is it cheating if i like chest flys?). i'm noticing an increase in endurance when it comes to the cardio at the beginning and cardio at the end. still die in the middle. weirdly enough, any aches i do feel seem to disappear during the workouts. i'm still using those pathetic, diddy pink weights.

day four, level one: i've been having some aches in my tum area and my calves are still aching a lot. my tum does feel flatter, but i'm not sure if i'm just seeing things. having completed today's workout, i decided to take a day off. this isn't due to laziness - rather, my calves really need recovery time. i also felt a slight ache in my left foot which i've had previous problems with, and don't want to push it and have it damaged again. on my day off, i walked in the morning and then did some stuff around the house.

day five, level one: that day of rest did me the world of good (even if i did burn 400 calories simply by doing a lot of walking). my calves feel a lot better now. however, like an idiot i did the workout before 9am (error #1), while running on 4 hours sleep (error #2), despite not having eaten enough (error #3). i felt really sick and exhausted after, and it was the first time i actually hated the workout. i'm not going to quit though. lesson learnt: don't attempt to do anything before midday.

day six, level one: i woke up without aching calves for the first time in days! i'm feeling okay now, and my endurance is definitely up. this isn't to say that i find the workout a breeze, but i've now stopped regretting that i don't have a will (or any other provisions following my death) throughout. which is a nice feeling, as you can imagine.

day seven, level one: my legs have adapted to the workout and now they don't ache at all. i've definitely noticed my endurance improving, and i've become better at doing the ab moves.

day eight, level one: apart from saying "ABS R TITE" every 2 seconds, jillian does make a very good point that your body needs to be put under stress in order to adapt. now that i was feeling marginally competent when the workout, i decided to use heavier weights (1kg each). it was quite hard, but i did it. very proud. i'm glad that i only have two days of this left - i'm getting a little bored of doing the same movements.

day nine, level one: before i did my workout, i measured myself. and truth be told, i am a little bummed. so far there has been no change in my measurements except an inch off my waist and an inch off my upper arms. i suppose i got caught up in all the incredible before & after pictures and expected too much too soon - or perhaps those people just weren't active at all, and therefore got more of a jolt to their system. i consider myself quite active in the sense that i like walking and do a lot of cardio, so maybe that's why my body isn't responding so fast in terms of inches lost. interestingly, the areas which i do not exercise at all (my abs and upper arms), are the only areas which have brought results so far. i'm going to stick with the shred though, and hope that another 22 days is enough to see some change on the other parts of my body. my workout was fine, like yesterday it was hard but manageable - i was tempted to skip it because my body was feeling stiff but frankly, the thought of being able to end level one the next day was enough motivation. didn't give it 100% though, because i just wasn't feeling it. think i'll have a day off tomorrow.

day ten, level one: I HAVE COMPLETED LEVEL ONE. one thing i've noticed is that having days off is actually a bit of a bad idea, because it then takes twice the effort to get up and do the workout the next day. i'm also feeling a little bit sad that i've put on 2kg... is it muscle? am i just fat? oh i don't know. on the upside, this workout is now over (i got bored of it), and my thighs are feeling firmer.

day eleven, level two: measured myself. i have results! i feel so motivated again. i was quite excited to start this level as i definitely needed something new, but having read up on it beforehand, i felt a little scared. a lot of plank positions scare me as i have the upper strength of a jelly baby. and frankly, the workout destroyed me. i needed to stop twice (for 5 seconds), and if i wasn't sweating so much, i'd probably catch fire. it is a real step up, and massively tough. i followed anita's modified moves, and feel really scared of the next ten days ahead. doesn't help that i pulled a muscle in my leg during the cooldown either. bet arnie doesn't do that.

day twelve, level two: after the disaster that was yesterday, i feel a little more prepared. i have adequate space to move around in, some water right beside me, and a RESILIENT ATTITUDE. the reality? well, i did a better job of following the routine rather than just flailing myself around. i feel like i'm doing marginally better at plank position moves, but still struggle with a lot of the ab moves as i am not flexible enough to keep my legs straight. so, as it stands, i really, really hate level two. seriously. marginal progress aside, it makes me feel sick and at the each of each workout, i lay motionless on the floor for about ten years before i can move again. having a diary is useful as i can see that it look me six days to adapt to level one, and if that's true for level two, i have 4 days of utter torture left.

day thirteen, level two: weirdly enough, i was sort of half looking forward to the workout today - but i attribute that to basically not moving all day. i mean, even a coma patient probably had more movement than me. i feel like i'm doing slightly better at plank position moves but i still have to take one or two 5-second breaks to catch my breath. i began using the heavier weights during the strength moves which i felt comfortable with (such as the one with the static lunge), but still have to use my light, girly weights most of the time. my thighs are definitely feeling it now, but that makes me feel alright because i know the workout is doing its job. i really want to push myself and give it 100% but it's easier said than done.

day fourteen, level two: i got through the routine and it felt slightly more okay. i'm still learning what comes next so i'm not 100% there yet. i was able to use my blue weights for about 80% of the strength moves, found all of the ab moves doable (all except the one where your weights are in the air - i'm not that bendy!), but still hated plank moves. i hate them because i find myself having to stop for a few seconds when i really don't want to - and i do the easy, modified moves! it bruises my ego man. i'm really going to try and dedicate the remaining six days to moving up to natalie's level. oh, and that last strength move in circuit 3 is an absolute bitch. if jillian gets exhausted, i have no hope.

day fifteen, level two: i had to take a day off before doing this (i wasn't feeling very well, nothing to do with the workouts)... but then i ate an absolute ton and had cocktails. shit. the guilt was overwhelming. so, i channelled that into extra energy: i didn't use my light weights at all, used my green weights for the first time ever (!!), and tried to keep up with natalie and jillian for the vast majority of the workout. i still had to stop a few times to catch my breath, but i really pushed myself today. feeling proud.

day sixteen, level two: woke up with slightly achy legs. i was really pleased to have made the halfway point, and began my workout as usual. that is, until i pulled a muscle in my neck five minutes in. i tried to fight through it but the pain was too much, so it was yet another day off for me. however, this was bad as i really struggled to get my momentum back. this workout just isn't getting easier for me at all, and i don't feel as if my endurance is increasing. yes i've upped my weights and now don't do anita's moves, but i have to keep catching my breath and my arms are killing. i so wish i could keep up with jillian but i just feel like it's beyond me. and then i wonder if i'm really pushing myself even though i feel sick after the workouts. what i hate about level two is that it's based on arms and upper body strength, which i just don't have. legs and abs i'm fine with. GIVE ME LEGS AND MORE ABS. LEGS. AND. ABS.

day seventeen, level two: how am i gaining weight?! what even is this? 3kg! it's probably water retention. but still, really not impressed. i did 35 minutes of yoga beforehand to loosen up my body and see if i could fare better at level two without feeling like i was going to vom at the end. and i did! i'm not gonna lie, it wasn't a breeze though. i did a lot better on plank jacks and the final ab move. still find squat thrusts really challenging though (i.e. i suck at them).

day eighteen, level two: i had such a long day (10am-8pm) so i wasn't in the mood for any form of exercise. sooooo i took the day off. i should've been done by level two by now but unfortunately as a full-time student and commuter, i run around a lot all day as it is. meaning i can get burnt out. did the workout after the day off though and felt as if i was doing much better at push-ups.

day nineteen, level two: my thighs and arms are feeling battered today. i could've done with a day off, but the sooner i finish this hellish workout, the better. i will NOT be missing you, plank position.

day twenty, level two: level two is OUT OF MY LIFE FOREVER. no one knows how good that feels to type. i can now go on with my life without looking over my shoulder in case jillian pops out of a bush and tells me to get into plank position. i am sad that i didn't manage the do the whole thing without stopping, or that i couldn't do the last strength move beyond anita's level, but i did try. i worked hard today, so much so that my thighs were shaking and i could barely stand. i'm not going to lie and act as if i'm feeling ~*~*fulfilled*~* now that level two is over. i'm not. i hated it, and it was torture. the only redeeming part is that it goes by quicker than the workout in level one, but that's because you'll be too busy screaming and sweating buckets to notice the time. pretty sure that if anyone is a quitter, level two is when they'll buckle out.

day twenty one, level three: i was half petrified and half curious for level three. i just felt so unsure as to whether i could handle a step up from level two, as dramatic as that sounds. in level two there are three plank moves, whereas in level three there are two which is exceptionally good news. and much to my delight, the workout was okay but still hard. suffice to say, i definitely feel more positive about it. in terms of how i got on, i did anita's modifications most of the time, but really want to improve and move onto natalie's moves with heavier weights. currently my arms and calves ache, as do the muscles on my sides (next to my boobs). yes: there are muscles there. trust me, i am discovering this.

day twenty two, level three: i woke up with aching legs and managed to get blisters after my morning walk - which meant a day off. however, those blisters were still there the next day, as were my aching calves. nevertheless, i did the workout like a trooper. i used heavier weights when i could, and stopped less. i also did a few of natalie's moves, but still have to stick with anita most of the time - particularly when it comes to plank positions. i'm just happy i've improved, although my upper back is aching now.

day twenty three, level three: i'm improving at the plank moves. i can do natalie's moves for a little while now, but have to revert back to anita's. it was hard, so much so that even my legs were sweating (you're welcome) and the sides of my hips are now fully aching. i really like level three, as it is achieving these small victories which spurs me on.

day twenty four, level three: the mother really pissed me off today so i definitely had some fight in me, ha. i can do natalie's version of the first plank move for longer without stopping for breath, have improved at anita's ab move in circuit two, and have more stamina when it comes to rockstar jumps. unfortunately, during the strength moves in circuit 3, i pulled a muscle in my arm slightly and so i wasn't able to make an attempt at natalie's moves. my quadriceps ache for the rest of the evening.

day twenty five, level three: took a day off before doing this, as a 50-minute journey on the tube during rush hour left me feeling sick. i'm doing better at the first ab hold position (no longer need to stop) but still struggle with the ab moves in circuit two. i mean, i can do anita's moves, but sometimes have to slow down my pace. i'm also now able to do the final strength move on natalie's level, but still haven't mastered her version of the travelling push-ups. i don't have any aches or pains after the workout.

day twenty six, level three: for the first time, i completed the level three workout without feeling great. i just felt sick and tired. i think i should have had some caffeine before i began as i was lethargic all day and it just transcended into my (rubbish) exercise. no new progress since yesterday.

day twenty seven, level three: i learnt from yesterday and had some green tea before my workout. i definitely had more energy than yesterday, but not enough as i should have generally. progress wise? i've moved onto natalie's ab moves in circuits 1-2 (albeit crappily) but i'm still with anita on circuit 3... i'm gettting okay at mountain climbers but have to stop when i do them the second time round... i still haven't mastered travelling push-ups... i can do the final strength move without stopping... i'm getting better at rockstar jumps... i can jump without stopping in general... up? down? is this progress? i am very inconsistent. can't believe i'm almost at the end.

day twenty eight, level three: i was moving all of the food shopping into the kitchen and then pulled a muscle in my arm. thankfully, it stopped hurting a few hours later. i did think that i should perhaps take a day off to let it heal up, but that was until my mother pissed me off majorly and i was in the mood for a fight. needless to say, it showed in my workout! i barely stopped, felt more comfortable doing the moves i could do, and even did all of natalie's strength moves in circuit 2 and cardio in circuit 3 without stopping, which i couldn't do before. and for once, i didn't have to stop during mountain climbers! i felt stronger for sure, and really enjoyed the workout. i'm still on anita's level for ab moves, but continue making attempts at natalie's anyway. i even did a singular travelling push-up, go me! it's amazing what a bit of blind rage can do.

day twenty nine, level three: still can't master a travelling push up, or scissor crunches. i try my best, but i can't perfect them at all. i think i say this in a sort of half-acceptance and half-defeated sort of way. nevertheless, i did the entire thing without stopping, and improved my jumps. i also used my heaviest weights for the butt kicks in circuit 2. for the first time, i notice the most minuscule bit of muscle in my upper arm. definitely feel stronger as i now use the green weights too (whereas in level one, using the pink ones was killer).

day thirty, level three: the day after, i had zero sleep and a 9am blood test. it left me feeling knocked out for the rest of the day, complete with achy neck and shoulders. but, i sucked it up and got through the workout. progress-wise, it was the same as yesterday - except now, on the final ab move, i can do natalie's version. when i finished, it was a really surreal feeling because i have come so far. when i think about it, 30 days is a long time. feel so proud of myself.


  1. great post! well done you!
    STILL havent bought the dvd, but am doing so NOW after feeling inspired!

    1. i just saw this! i can't wait to see how you get on. :D thank you. xxx

  2. Awesome came across this and im inspired.

    I will be buying the DVD for sure now!!

    Great job!

    1. thank you! it really is worth it.

  3. WOW well done!! I did day one today and like you I didnt find it majorly painful but I think thats because I do other exercises too. x

    1. THANKS! being active definitely stands you in good stead. just wait until level two, haha... ;)

  4. Good to read your progress, you did a hell of a job! I recently started and I'm on day 9 of level 1 so level 2 is coming closer! Can't wait for it (not really ;)). It is my goal to just finish the 30 days and I can already see improvements (not weight loss but just a slightly more toned body) so that gives me motivation to continue.

    Curious to see how you get on after the 30 day challenge :)

    1. you're almost a third of the way through nadine! so well done to you. i didn't lose any weight at all but my body definitely changed for the better (it's always better to go by measurements anyway). i'm currently doing two challenges at once, eep. good luck!

    2. Good luck with your two challenges! :)

  5. Hey. Came aross your blog while searching up 30 day shred results!I know this is old but well done to ya! Great job! I have recently started my own blog and I will be making a daily diary of the "dreaded" shred also :) Really enjoyed reading this and look forward to reading the rest of your blog!

    1. Read the entire thing even tho im in a rush!!! Hilarious and even though im only on day 2 of level 1.....already its very true!

    2. haha thanks! you should drop me another comment when you've finished - i love reading other people's diaries and experiences with it. good luck guys! YOU CAN DO IT.

  6. So, yeah, I'm another person who came across you because of this review haha. I bought the DVD a while ago but had exams and stuff and never managed to do it every day and it just sort of petered out because it is HARD! I started again today though and I found that, while I felt like jelly after, I really enjoyed it... I think I'm actually looking forward to doing it tomorrow! Anyway, I'm rambling now, so - great review! Because of your success I think I'll definitely be using the 30 Day Shred as a massive part of my Abs by August blog challenge :)

    Frances XX

    1. noooo don't give up! honestly. it's only twenty minutes, and i cannot recommend it enough. especially given that it's raining so much. i expect a results post from you by then. ;) no pressure!

  7. Just came across your blog as I was searching what results others have had once finished! Im on day 10 of level 2 and i am so nervous to go on to level 3! Result wise, ive lost nearly a stone (healthy eating like mad) and inch's.. well 2 off my thighs and 1 off my stomach so far. I wondered what to do when i finish though, do you just go back to day 1 of level 1?

    Congrats on finishing it though! xx

    1. that's absolutely amazing - your results whoop mine by a mile! i'm really pleased for you and hope it carries on. i felt a lot fitter by the end of it, so i took up general exercise like jogging and going to the gym every so often. i also did more of her dvds both to review and for the challenge. i think i did ripped in 30 after the 30 day shred, which is essentially the same format but even harder. if you want to step it up and challenge yourself, i really recommend it. x

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Great blog! I started the 30 day shred level 1 yesterday and god am I feeling it today! Bit nervous about how I'm going to cope when I workout later as I'm so sore, but your posts have inspired me to push through the pain! Thank you x Did a week of full-on healthy eating last week to get me prepped, and feeling so good about it that I'm carrying on with that now too. Only have 7lb to lose, but lots of toning up to do...fingers crossed by mid-september I'll be closer to daring to put a bikini on!

  10. Hi, great blog. I've just finished day 1 level 2 - Who the hell invented planks! I skipped through your blog to see if it got any easier.... no hope there.But, for those that are looking for results I've lost 16 inches so far without any weight loss. I'm a big lady over 16 stone so it's true everyone can do jumping jacks (only I wear two bras).

  11. You have motivated me! Today is my day 1. Let's see how I go!

  12. Hi just found your blog today as I was looking at how I was doing compared to others. You have done fantastically! Anyone else who reads this and has still not started the dvd needs to. I am on level 3 day 3 and aching in places that level 1 and 2 never touched which is definately a good thing! My sides and stomach from the side abs move and my arms as there are lots of weights used in this workout ( I use 2kg weights and thats heavy enough for me). I have followed Jillians healthy eating book which is really good and although I have not stuck to the dvd every single day, probably 5 days out of 7 I have lost 7lbs and 8 inches from waist, thighs, arms and tummy area, I am so pleased with myself.
    I am now my goal weight of 8 stone and after being 9 stone 4 this time last year I am over the moon!
    Stay motivated and keep doing this dvd with healthy eating, you wont regret it.

  13. Your experience is inspiring. I am also doing 30 days shred n have started seeing the change already.I alternate between level 1 and 2 twice a day. I don't feel tired at all.its the easiest way of staying fit.

  14. Love your workout diary! I've done the Shred twice now and neither times followed the diet plan, but now I'm thinking of going for a third time and using the diet plan as well. Results are so good even without it so pretty excited to see how it goes. I didn't take measurements last time but yours have inspired me to do so!

  15. Love your workout diary....iv only just started the 30 day shred, first day killed, second day not as bad, day 3 legs hurt bad, and tops of arms, so i guess, its working...just about walk lol, but will not give up, not on this..

  16. thanks for sharing, love the details... i should be doing the same too

  17. I loved this post, it's really motivated me to start the 30 day shred again, thankyou, i just kept stopping and starting it over again, i am now newly determined to get through it! Also, just a memo, the muscles near your boobs are called 'Latissimus Dorsi' just so you know :) again, i thank you

  18. Great post, thanks for sharing. I have just done day 14 with no rest days so far and yes this is a killer. Absolutely hate Level 2. I cannot wait to finish and start level 3.:)

  19. Mine just arrived in the post 2day.. Veryyy scared about startin it as I am so unfit but I'm hoping 2 lose 2 stone by july, can it be done tho? :S I'm on a STRICT diet n walking, zumba & cycling, hopefully this helps a lot too & your blog has def gave me motivation thanks :)

  20. hi.congtratulations on your weight lose.i just started the 30 days on day 3 and feeling great

  21. Well done, it sounds like you did so well. you should be so proud. I'm on day 11 without a day off and my calf's are so painful due to the jumping in the cardio sections. They feel bruised when I push onto them so I think your tactic of having a day off a couple of days in would work better. I pushed myself too hard I think and I'm worried that I have done a bit too much damage, stairs are a killer at the minute. I think I'll take tomorro off and then crack on with level 2

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