Tuesday, 17 January 2012

things i am looking forward to.

seeing as i'm so busy/stressed to talk about make-up (my face resembles 'the scream'), i thought i'd talk about a few things i'm excited for in 2012 instead.

 1. buying more books i lust over. i absolutely love books, but unfortunately my first degree (which i detested) put me off them completely. i'm still recovering from that (!) but really hope that i can find a job or the money to buy more photobooks instead. i'm absolutely obsessed with them and have a fair few as it is, but you can never have too much of a good thing. i'm especially obsessed with the bookstore in liberty but as the books start at around £50+, i have some saving up to do.

2. investing in good accessories. sorting out my jewellery has amazed me as i was blissfully unaware of how much crap i owned. mind you, it's crap which has been accumulated for 6 years but still. i want to sell a lot of it, and should i need to, invest in better jewellery. buy less, but buy great quality instead. if you constantly drop £3 there and £5 there at h&m for instance, it does actually add up!

3. get my bare legs out the moment it stops being so freezing. i hardly get my legs out due to the beautiful bruises and cuts i sport - i mean, i just don't think people are ready for it. my scarred knees? tremendous. however, i feel as if it's just been cold for too long (what with last summer being full of rain and miserable) and i just cannot wait to enjoy summer as it's supposed to be! terrible legs and all.
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