Monday, 1 August 2011

bright pink lip.

the sunshine is out! seems as if london has finally got its act together. work was relatively sluggish all day, but the moment i had to leave i received a barrage of emails. just typical. my make-up was pretty low key, didn't have much on in the evening except drinks with a friend...

LOL jk i totally added buttloads of pink to my face. i hope the photo above demonstrates why i complain about my eyelashes being too long. i've always had relatively long eyelashes (nothing compared to my brother though) but following an unfortunate anger-induced incident with an eyelash curler, they were a little lacking. after approximately a month of using revlon's 'grow luscious' mascara to make them grow back quicker, they're back to their old self but... even longer. whoops.

face: sephora smoothing primer, mac studio fix fluid (nw30), clinique airbrush concealer (03 light), paula dorf magic stick (#2), mac mineralize skinfinish (medium plus).
eyes: urban decay primer potion, urban decay eyeshadow (midnight cowboy rides again), maybelline gel liner, rimmel exaggerate liquid liner, max factor false lash effect mascara, mac eyebrow pencil (stud).
cheeks: mac blush (fleur power).
lips: revlon (cherries in the snow).
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