Wednesday, 1 February 2012

30 day shred.

[MY WORD. my last post seems to have been viewed by everyone and their dog! the other day i was rather chuffed at having had 100 daily views (i'm a very simple girl) and yesterday, 330! how exciting. don't think i'll ever top that, haha...]

right. as i'm sure any frequent reader will know, i bitch a lot about my workload a lot. and it really is a lot. so much so that i feel really tense and stressed a lot of the time. so, i thought it would be the perfect time to begin jillian michael's 30 day shred. i really do hope that i stick with it, but as it stands i'm feeling positive. yes, this really is a boring fitness post.

see how ruff and tuff and tanned and tousled she is?

what do i want from it? well, i don't want to be stick thin or anything, and i mean that! i just do not want to be 'skinny fat' anymore - something caused by lots of cardio, lots of carbs, and not enough protein. i look okay so long as i have clothes on, but in a bikini? hell to the NO. i want to be toned and lose a few inches from my waist really. i mean really -  the only thing that's tight on me right now is my forehead. i had a peek at the dvd last night and boy, it's a cracker. favourite lines include: "I WANT TO MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE GOING TO DIE", "CAN YOU HANDLE DIS? HEHEHE NO U CANT LOL" AND "IF YOU WANT ABS LIKE THESE YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO WORK FOR IT, GIMME 5 MORE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i've measured absolutely everything (seriously, everything except my eyeballs) and i can't wait to report back in 30 days - hopefully with results! if it is a success then i'd definitely like to keep it afterwards and incorporate it into my usual exercise routine. i have taken before pictures but i'm a little bit nervous so i'll hold onto those until the 30 days are up. ;)

anyway, beauty-wise (gotta have some consistency in this blog!), i've really been loving hot pink and/or fuchsia shades for my nails recently. i just think they're super bright and super fun, and cheer me up when the weather is so grey and miserable outside. these are my top three, covering a range of budgets.

left to right: opi - do you think i'm tex-y?, no 7 - jammy, barry m - shocking pink.


  1. You made me laugh so much when you told me about 'Skinny fat' but I think I know how you feel. Is it a DVD or a book this 30 day shred, I feel I am going to need it before the beach holiday with the girls in the summer! But just to let you know you are gorgeous the way you are x

    1. haha, it is a serious hindrance, the curse of the skinny fat. this is a DVD - it has workouts based on levels, so you get levels 1, 2, and 3. the idea being that you're meant to do each level for 10 days. the workouts are roughly 20 minutes each and it is HARD. done in the form of circuit training, focusing on cardio, strength & abs. no joke, she means business. my legs are killing! but thank you sweetheart xxxx

  2. Eeek, sounds intense! Good luck and let us know how you get on, I'm very tempted to try something like this myself and have just discovered it's only £4.99 on Amazon at the min... Bargain! x

    1. £4.99 is so cheap... dribbling. i just did my first workout and i feel as if i was cruisin' for a bruisin'. i'm in so much pain but it feels good because it shows that the workouts clearly did something! i hope you come back in 30 days time and that i'm in good shape, haha! xxx


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