Tuesday, 31 January 2012


don't mind me. i'm just adding to the plethora of posts about #zomgbloggersbash within the blogosphere. for those who were situated under a rock for the past few weeks, the evening was celebrating the launch of the rockalily x london lipgloss collaboration lipstick called 'ZOMG!', and an all-round celebration of social media. i was so grateful to have been invited, and had a lovely time meeting new people. i left the house in a mad rush and looked sufficiently trampy - so unfortunately i have zero pictures of myself. i wore a vintage maxi with a blue & pink print all over it (it is in dire need of mending) and wellies. so if anyone saw someone possibly fitting this description on the night, it was me!

i was also drunk because the guy at the bar construed my request for a vodka and diet coke as a glass full of vodka and one drop of diet coke. luckily i was alright at the bash but when i got home, oh my christ... still, kudos to me for taking photos though. these photos represent a mish-mash of what went on.

miss reeree herself, looking uber glamourous! i actually kissed that board too but mine is somewhere along the bottom. she was lovely and is a real testament to having a vision/idea and making it a reality. (VOM, pass me the sick bucket at that sentence, even if it's true). 

rubyyy jones performed a brilliant routine which was hilarious. ever so slightly cheeky too to say the least. thank god my mother wasn't there, or she would've had a pulmonary upon hearing "i can't wait to f*ck you". gorgeous girl though. whilst she was performing i saw a few people outside looking through the window wondering what on earth was happening. so many girls watching another girl strip, it was a total oestrogen fest.

the lovely maria from urbanbutterfly who kept me company during the evening. this is her, pre-wig of course, giving stephanie from lazy town a run for her money (i saw that programme once when i was babysitting) (i didn't like it) (it was weird). i mean, i tried you know. i tried to tempt her into wearing a subtle brown number but she just wasn't having it... & if anyone is going to TOWIB (alas, i am not) then say hello to her - she is lovely & a barrel of laughs. i promise. there were also incredible hats and loungewear courtesy of little miss b hats and betty blue's loungerie - but no photos, sadly.

this gawwwwwjus corset was worn by banbury cross who too performed a burlesque routine. i was curious as to whether she made it/decorated it herself, it was really beautiful... adding that many crystals must be a total bitch. she had the loveliest marilyn-esque hair too. 

temptation's creations were also on hand. cakes a-plenty. i tried to be strong but the cakes made 'come to bed' eyes at me and so i had to do it. we locked eyes and that was it. unfortunately a lot of the toppings were things i can't eat (a lot of sugary stuff can give me migraines, such a wuss) and so i went for vanilla buttercream, some chocolate chips and a flower. and it was YUMMY. i'm surprised i didn't go back for ten more another. and before you tell me that i decorate cakes better than delia or nigella, well, i know.

part of banbury's routine involved cava. cava going EVERYWHERE. my camera got soaked. a girl next to me whose camera also got drenched looked pretty stressed by it, bless her. i could tell she only just got it. only i never managed to tell her that after the blissful two-week honeymoon period that follows purchasing a dslr camera, you then get lazy. your camera gets dropped, beaten around, pointed at with guns, lost, found, stood on and has bits of it dropped in venetian canals just like kate winslet chucks her necklace in the ocean in titanic (all of these are based on personal experience). they're built like tanks so don't worry. 

there were also hair stylists on hand to create beautiful retro styles for anyone who wanted. i really wish i did this but i was having so much fun wandering around that i didn't want to be sitting for long on my own. i didn't meet the girl in this picture who is getting her hair done but randomly saw her later on in the night. her hair looked stunning, especially because it was purple too. if there's one thing i wish i knew, it would be how to create beautiful hair.

hurhurhurrrrrr i could take photos of burlesque forever. someone please hire me to take photos of people dancing? please? i'm dead cheap, honest. just buy me a burger and i'll do it.

nails - opi  (do you think i'm tex-y?)

and finally, the lipstick itself. i really appreciated having the opportunity to swatch all of rockalily's shades in person. as the business is based online, it's sometimes hard to judge what you like from pictures. but, having seen them all up close, i really  like 'pompadour pink' because it is so brilliantly bright. like all rockalily lipsticks, 'ZOMG!' has got high pigmentation and feels very smooth and creamy. it's a darker pink, and a nice alternative for those who perhaps don't like the bubblegum pink shades. the shade itself reminded me of one i already have actually which is 'wild orchid' by revlon. wild orchid is glossier and a tad more on the purple side, but if anyone owns that shade, then they will definitely love ZOMG!

ta da! sorry for the picture heavy post. zozo is so lucky and i really hope this does well. i had a wonderful time and really loved meeting everyone.

ps - i won a fabulous prize but i'm saving that for the next post. ;)


  1. Thank you for such a comprehensive post!! Glad you had a good time!

  2. what an amazing review of the night! had such a great time


    1. thank you aimee! it was wonderful. i definitely need to make more of an effort with events like these, always fabulous meeting someone new. :-)

  3. That girl having her done is me!
    I love your photos of Branbury Cross, they're brilliant!

    Good Morning Angel.

    1. aha! you found me! your hair looked fabulous, it really suited you. if i were you i'd struggle it take out before going to bed. i got my hair done in fingerwaves one time and i was so adamant on keeping it like that forever that i refused to touch it for two days. kinda gross.

  4. Such lovely pictures and a brilliant write up. Next time I'll be coming with you for sure!

  5. Looks like you had a great night at the blogger bash. Great pic of you wearing our pink wig. I'm glad you enjoyed trying them on :) xx

  6. Sounds like a fab night, and woow that corset looks amazing! x


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