Sunday, 18 March 2012

17 lipstick in 'deep secret'.

i was in boots recently. why? because i needed wax strips. did i get them? no. i've been in boots a handful of times recently and keep forgetting each time - so i'm suspecting an early case of alzheimers. i mean, that's clearly the obvious answer to all of this. anyway. i was just having a look at the make-up and saw a gorgeous shot for 17 cosmetics where the model had a beautiful sort of brown-pink shade on her lips. i asked vanesa what she had used, and once she told me, i was in boots yet again. rather than buy the one lipstick like a normal human being (which i will review soon), i sort of went a bit mad and bought 3. alzheimers breakdown? yeah, that.

i also got my hair cut in a bid to distract myself from a hospital visit...

one of the shades i went for is called 'deep secret'. i was still on the hunt for the perfect plum shade - seeing as the weather is way too cold and i am way too ~emo~ to embrace anything that is colourful - and at just over £4 each, i figured that it wouldn't be too dear if i tried it out and didn't like it. i appreciate that the bullet itself does look rather full-on and scary, but don't be fooled! it's honestly very wearable.

i admittedly don't have much experience with 17's lipsticks bar a few dodgy shades i bought when i was 15 or 16 - the only products i use constantly are their nail polishers and primers. to my delight, the lipstick had really decent pigmentation and felt nice on the lips. it's creamy for sure, but a different kind of creamy to say, mac cremesheen lipsticks (this just sounds like i'm typing gibberish doesn't it...). it feels light, is moisturising, and it just feels like a really fresh product rather than an oversized crayon - which is something that is unfortunately prevalent among cheaper lipsticks. how do i know this? well, i put the shade through its paces and wore it to my friend's birthday meal. i had a dinner few snacks beforehand and the lipstick had stayed put. however, it didn't last once i devoured an entire pizza by myself, leaving a nice stain instead. maybe i'd be irritated if i paid over £20 for the lipstick, but for £4? it did a bloody good job.

as for my make-up, i am going to hold my hands up and admit that i caked. it. ON. the stress in my life caused by endless bad news has caused my skin to have a complete breakdown. anything you see is literally drawn on (well, by my standards anyway), as i have really spotty skin at the moment and the beautician completely butchered my brows. i went for a high-arched brow with cat flicks on the eyes, to keep it classic. as for the eyeshadow, i went for a pinky grey finish all over the lid with subtle contouring - half to complement the lipstick, and half to hide the dark circles around my eyes. it doesn't show here, but i also pressed some of urban decay's 'cherry' onto my eyelids for a little bit of shimmer.

before i styled my hair. look at it - a total frizzball. that's how close i am with you guys. :'(

face: sephora base lissante, mac studio fix fluid (nw30), collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer (#2), clinique airbrush concealer (03 light), mac mineralize skinfinish (medium plus).
eyes: urban decay primer potion, urban decay eyeshadows (virgin, naked, cherry), revlon colourstay 12 hour eyeshadow palette (in the buff, second colour), rimmel exaggerate liquid liner, maybelline gel liner, tiniest bit of nars eyeshadow palette (arabian nights), ruby and millie eyeliner (brown/black), mac brow pencil (stud), the body shop brow & lash gel, benefit 'they're real!' mascara.
cheeks: mac blush (well dressed), no 7 vital illuminating highlighter powder.
lips: 17 (deep secret).

here is also a swatch of it - but don't be fooled by how sheer it looks. usually i apply a balm before applying any lipstick ('whipstick' by lush) hence why it came out looking like that. obviously when i reapplied the lipstick it was more intense, but this just proves how wearable it can be and how you can tone it down if you want to. it's also photographed as pink, but it really is more purple in person.

ps - i'm still attempting that bloody 'banish fat, boost metabolism' challenge. it is bloody hard and then some. i hate you blog, because you make me feel guilty whenever i want to quit which, as it stands, is at least 3 times during each workout. i'm sort of lagging with it though due to a foot injury.


  1. ooooh pretty. It reminds me of MAC Rebel

    1. yes definitely! i see what you mean. it's such a steal at £4.


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