Tuesday, 20 March 2012

nowruz 2012: a vague attempt at a pin-up look.


yesterday marked the beginning of the spring equinox - meaning that it was new year for many people including iranians, kurds, afghans and others. myself included! despite how positive i felt on new year's eve (that is, 31st december 2011), 2012 has proven to be massively shitty for a variety of reasons - with the only good thing being that i embraced frequent exercise. but i'm happy to have a second chance, and hope that 1391 brings good things. :)

this is our sofreh hafsin, which was arranged by my mother. she does it differently each year. there are seven items which are in each sofreh hafsin and begin with 's', supposedly bringing good luck and stuff. nevertheless, regardless of whether you celebrate it or not, i wish everyone a very good year.

make-up wise (i have to keep on topic, haven't i?) i went for a classic, retro, pin-up ish look. my skin is still not great, so i stuck to heavy coverage. although it doesn't show in the picture, i used illuminating products on my cheekbones so that my face wouldn't look too matte and one-dimensional - in particular, i'm actually really loving nars' highlighter in 'albatross' at the moment. it has hints of cream and gold in it which really suits my skin tone; it's a really buttery product and i totally think it's worth the high price.

face: sephora base lissante, mac studio fix fluid (nw30), collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer (#2), clinique airbrush concealer (03 light), paula dorf magic stick (#2), mac mineralize skinfinish (medium plus).
eyes: urban decay primer potion, revlon 12-hour colorstay eyeshadow palette (in the buff), maybelline gel liner, rimmel exaggerate liquid liner, revlon 'grow luscious' mascara, lancome l'extreme mascara, eylure girls aloud false eyelashes (nicola), mac eyebrow pencil (stud), ruby & millie eyeliner pencil (brown/black), the body shop brow & lash gel.
cheeks: nars bronzer (laguna), nars blush (orgasm), no 7 illuminator (peach), nars highlighter (albatross).
lips: mac (ruby woo), mac lip liner (cherry).

LOADS of products, i know! but that's how i roll. what can i say, i like using a little bit of everything to get what i want. i also wore these heels from reiss which i've had for a while but hadn't worn before. they're very high, and considering that my foot is injured, NO ONE must find out about this. especially not my doctor.

it's a bit of a funny post and i'm sure i've bored you, but that's what i've been up to recently!


  1. hello skin twin! you're not only my skin twin but also my make up twin today..(or yday, depends when u read this!lol) i wore studio sculpt (not fix fluid) in nw30. msf in medium plus, laguna, orgasm, albatross, ruby woo and winged liner! that is the weirdest thing ever!!! :-O but of course you are absolutely stunning and i am not!haha

    my 2012 has been god awful! I'm going to live my life by persian new year instead because spring livens me up a bit and i seem to feel much better from this time of the year until xmas and then i feel depressed after xmas until march!lol

    well sale no mobarak/ nowrouz mobarak to you and your family! xx

    1. merci azizam, same to you and yours! and hahahaha that is amazing - we are actually in sync. what are the chances of wearing all of those on the exact same day? i must find you! and don't be silly, you are incredibly gorgeous so hush. i think i will do the same as you, 2012 was a massive let down. xxx


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