Wednesday, 20 July 2011


i'm probably going to regret making that face when i'm 60.

for anyone who doesn't live in london, stylist magazine is a free weekly magazine - and i do quite like it. i like the articles, i like the simplicity in terms of design (elle's covers just stress me out) and all in all, it's a pretty slick publication. until i saw THIS. what is this. WHAT, IS, THIS. i am 12. seriously. it is a major pet peeve of mine to see those silly magazines that run articles like "how to make him fancy you! how to get the perfect thighs! how to get the perfect ankle!" etcetera. but this - something which you have zero control over? i don't even like babies but cut them some slack, they can't help how they look like and any person who reads this article seriously should probably not be having children in the first place. unfortunately, it appears that this person exists, as the article then gives % probabilities as to what eye colour you can expect.

imagine wanting a baby (note - i can't), and being in bed with someone. "OH SORRY YOU HAVE BLUE EYES, I WANT THE BABY TO HAVE GREEN, NUP GET OFF ME NOW TYVM". seriously? come on.

that piece of literary retardation aside, i've been really busy. i have a few projects going on and they're long-term so that's just everlasting stress. however, my work is moving offices and so i've had to pretty much get down to it and tackle piles of dusty paperwork and dvds! this meant that wearing anything glamourous or spending ages on my make-up just wasn't going to happen. i kept it simple and used moisturising products, because the weather is making my skin sad. heaped lots of black eyeliner on. i felt that it was apt, given that the company is leaving the past behind~

face: 17 primer, bourjois healthy mix foundation (52), no 7 highlighter (peach), clinique airbrush concealer (03 light), mac mineralize skinfinish (medium plus).
eyes: urban decay primer potion, maybelline mono eyeshadow (gold diamonds), urban decay eyeshadows (naked and buck), rimmel exaggerate eyeliner, maybelline gel liner, max factor false lash effect mascara.
cheeks: bourjois blush (rose ambré).
lips: vaseline (rosy lips).

ps - i will blog more about clothes which is where my interest lies, except i am not living in my own room right now and it's causing me great distress.

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