Thursday, 11 August 2011

review: bourjois bronzing powder.

i can't admit that i'm a bronzer-maniac - i only touch the stuff for the purpose of contouring, should i feel like it. i never, ever use it to look more tanned and so if that's your sole purpose for using it, i wouldn't continue reading this because i have no experience of that... saw-wee.

SO, i was wandering around the boots near work and finally stumbled upon bourjois' bronzing powder - usually i can never ever see the damn thing anywhere! it is elusive. at £6.99 it is still more expensive than the vast majority of high street brands, but still a LOT cheaper than mac or nars. long story short: i really, really like it.

loooooook atttt ittttttt...

... okay, i know i'm in the minority here, but i don't like the packaging. that's right. look at it. yes i know it's meant to look like chocolate (good enough to eat?), but i don't even like chocolate. :( boo. bourjois, you waste such things on horrible people like me. i like the way the bronzer itself actually looks like chocolate, but to me the exterior just seems unnecessary... maybe it's because bourjois don't usually do gimmicks (unlike gimmick champions, soap & glory, 9 parts gimmick and 1 part soap/glory) and so i suppose that's why it seems a bit odd when viewed amongst row upon row of simple, round packaging. however, it smells absolutely lovely. i know that the smell of bourjois blushes are like marmite in that they split the crowds who either love them or hate them, but everyone absolutely loved the smell of this.

unlike other high street brands, it is NOT doused in glitter, which is so refreshing as not everyone wants to resemble a disco ball that has just stumbled out of sugar hut. i think there is the teeniest amount of shimmer, but it is so minimal that you need a magnifying glass. it is such a great flattering shade too (which i can imagine suiting a wide range of skin tones), and not intimidating to work with. this is because it is easily buildable and blends really easily, meaning that you can easily get whatever desired amount you want to adapt with your skin. it does exactly what it says on the tin/fake chocolate box, and for £6.99, it's bloody good. not saying it's dark or strong enough to give you cheekbones like snoop dogg, but still, A++ WOULD RECOMMEND.

 nothing is matching in this photo, oh god oh god OH GOD.

face: 17 primer, bourjois healthy mix foundation (52), clinique airbrush concealer (03 light), mac mineralize skinfish (medium plus).
eyes: rimmel exaggerate liquid liner, clinique high impact mascara (01 black).
cheeks: bourjois bronzing powder, duwop blush (peach).
lips: no 7 perfect lips liner (nude), no 7 sheer temptation lipstick (attract).

in other news: i bought tickets to see demetri martin when he comes to london in october! two rows away from the stage. awwww yeah. what if i start shaking and crying? i love him, i think i fancy him, and i want us to write palindromes together. he is my dream, when in reality all i ever attract is ugly, egotistic, scummy dickheads. i'm pretty sure that if i combined all of their iq points, it would still be less than a peanut. think i'll knock back some prozac now, if you don't mind.


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