Tuesday, 13 September 2011


this isn't a post to do with make-up, just personal.

i came back from bestival over the weekend. i had so much fun, even if i did look a right state throughout (luckily i don't fancy anyone on my facebook friends or i would be mortified). i was ill and felt like death for the first two days, but then slowly began to feel better because i got my voice back temporarily. however, since i've come back i have gone back a few steps! and so i feel pretty rubbish as a result. also find it hilarious how i look bored/angry/miserable in 99.99% of the photos when i was laughing all the time. really was a sweet weekend.

also feeling up and down for several other reasons. one of which is work. i've been given an amazing project which is short-term and well-paid (the best combination!), but one of my colleagues has completely and utterly hated on me over it even though it's not my decision. how horrible is that?! totally ruined the good news (most of my projects are long-term). i don't even like her, and think she's incompetent, desperate and insane amongst other things. handling criticism is something i find harder to do when it's coming from someone much older than me because i assume that they are wiser. but that is not the case here. i refuse to give any validity to her complaints and i am going to blow anything she ever did out of the water. just dirt off my shoulder.

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