Thursday, 3 November 2011

another year, another halloween...

... another day i don't dress up.

i wish i would actually bother one year but it never happens! the reason i didn't reform this year was because of massively awkward timing. i was invited to a lot of amazing things but my (final!) payday unfortunately fell after the 31st. sooooo i was too broke to go out/drink/get a costume, basically. :( (i'm still feeling pretty disrepected from my workplace as they keep on emailing me - what's not to understand, i'm gone now!)

despite my lack of dressing up, i still went to a late night showing of ghostbusters (DODO-DO-DODOODO!) at the IMAX. for those who are perhaps not from london, the IMAX is the uk's biggest cinema screen, meaning that my love for bill murray was taken to whole new levels. literally. it was pretty awesome, except my shitty journey hope which involved three people being sick in my presence, being stranded in shoreditch (otherwise known as "hell") and getting up at 7am the next day to go to cambridge.

(apologies for bad lighting and all that...)

i felt that halloween was the perfect time to crack open my newest pure pigment, "berber" from illamasqua. i actually bought it right when it came out (sometime in september), but didn't have the chance to properly wear it as of yet. i LOVE the fact that illamasqua has been influenced by anita berber - she was such a character and was someone i loosely based a project around when i did textiles.

i know people might look at the pigment think "oh god, it looks red", but it is honestly wearable and won't make you look like an emo circa 2005. i PROMISE. it has copper tones with green glitter, and blends SO easily that you can easily tone it down if you want to into a shade that is actually really subtle. if you don't fancy a wash of colour and want something more intense, patting it on just makes it really bright and glittery. 

however, i must be honest and say that i absolutely detest the packaging. i love the shape and the look, but as it lacks a hinge mechanism, opening it can sometimes be pretty tough. you get this horrible apprehensive feeling of cracking it open too quickly and getting covered in pigment! both pigments and cream eyeshadows have this style of packaging, whereas eyeshadows and blushers do not. cream shadows have zero chance of getting on you so i understand what they're doing there, but for this? noooo. 

anyhow - i started off with a smokey eye using blacks and greys so that i had a shape to work with, and then began adding the pigment on last, initially blending it on but then patting it on to get some shimmer. as this was in the evening, the lighting was awful hence the slightly blurry images and awful looking skin (i hate you flash). i don't believe in photoshopping images to death, AS I'M SURE YOU WILL SOON BE ABLE TO TELL. 

taken without flash.

taken with flash (you can see the green glitter in the pigment!).

and here is the finished look, basically! nothing ovely special, just whacked on some false lashes, added some contour and highlighting to my cheeks and that is it. as my eye make-up felt pretty full on, i didn't bother putting on any lipstick - it would feel like far too much. but if i was going to a party, i'd definitely team it up with illamasqua's poison - something scary to most, and in keeping with the spirit of hallowen. ;)

once again, without flash...

 with flash.


face: no 7 lift and luminate day cream, sephora base subliminatrice, illamasqua skin base foundation (10), collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer (#2), clinique airbrush concealer (03 light), paula dorf magic stick (#2).
eyes: urban decay primer potion, urban decay eyeshadows (virgin, creep, gunmental), illamasqua pure pigment (berber), benefit gilded highlighter (tangerine gold), rimmel kohl pencil, maybelline gel liner, eyelure girls aloud false lashes (nicola), no 7 lash adapt mascara.
cheeks: illamasqua cream eyeshadow (hollow), nars highlighter (albatross). 
lips: soap & glory motherpucker lipgloss (apricot).

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