Saturday, 19 November 2011

polka dot nails.

recently i've been wearing patterns on my nails. i find the process oddly therapeutic. the easiest (by far) is a simple polka dot. this is a totally botched job as i rushed it, but i do love the nail polishes i used.

i really can't be bothered to have seperate nail polishes for the base and top coat. personally i think it is a little frivolous if you're a regular joe like me who changes nail polishes daily and have a terrible habit of peeling them off. for that reason, i've always used 3-in-1 polishes from barry m or model's own. both do the job. i wear nail polish every single day but my nails are hardly stained when in reality, they should be. just sayin'.

i then applied rimmel's 'ethereal', a light pearly pink. following that, i then used a dotter. i'm surprised that many people i know haven't heard of these, but then again, i can't even remember the first time i stumbled across them. i got mine off ebay and it was dirt cheap.

using the larger end of the dotter, i then dipped it in model's own 'denim' (a mid-tone blue) and lightly applied it to my nails. and then ta-da! polka dot nails. it really is that simple. apply a top coat and you're done.

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