Thursday, 17 November 2011

versace x h&m.

so... this dropped on uk shores today. you should know this, unless you've been living under a rock. what people DON'T seem to know is that this isn't the last we'll hear of it. that's right... versace is also doing a s/s collection for h&m which should be out in february of next year. that's the one i am more excited about, as i want a bikini with a big fat medusa on it please. i'll take four.

judging from the press images, i thought that this was a really fun and playful collection. i loved the fact that the collections was based on references from versace's archive, and definitely saw a few pieces which i'd have liked to own. i particularly liked the accessories though, and the skirts. all in all, it was looking alright. not stuff i was crying over and NEEDING, but stuff that seemed relatively decent.

i couldn't brave the central london crowds (i did not wake up with the mental strength and physical power required), and went to a shopping centre instead, where a group of gypsies were also there and gave me an absolute migraine in the fitting rooms. it'd be really cute if they were trying on wedding dresses and stuff but um, no. the unsatisfactory shopping experience aside, i pretty much got what i wanted (my favourite item being a skirt which a lady actually let me have! whoever you are, i love you)... yet, i couldn't help but somehow feel disappointed at the collection as a whole. admittedly the skirts and accessories were actually really nice in person and considering the fact that i've seen uglier items in topshop retailing for the same price, i felt like it was decent value... i also liked the packaging. should i be ashamed...? it reminded me of a hybrid between carmen miranda, dolly parton and joan collins in dynasty... all three being EXCELLENT women...

buuuuuuut... there is a but. the dresses. oh my christ, they either looked horrific in person or were sized awfully. according to versace's absurd calculations, my body is a size 14/16. not my usual 8/10. not even my 10/12 on my really fat days. i always encounter problems with dress sizes anyway, but that's because smaller clothes don't usually accommodate someone with, ahem, a bigger bust. these dresses just did not accommodate full stop. i could barely get an arm through, so in the end i gave up.

on the whole, i thought the collection was o-kay. yes, it was very "versace" but i still somehow found it uninspiring as 99% of the items struck me as having a shelf life. it was nowhere near lanvin x h&m which was amazing and whose dresses i could see myself wearing for years upon years. with the versace dresses, i imagine you'd wear them for a year, maybe two max, and then forget about them. which, for that price, just isn't really worth it. saying that, my mum did get a yellow dress which looked surprisingly good on her, but her  body and style is completely different to mine. maybe that's just it. maybe i mistook cherrypicking one or two versace items for my wardrobe as me loving the brand, when in reality, i'm nowhere near a versace-head-to-toe kind of gal. my own disappointment stemmed from the fact that this just wasn't really "me", and that i just wasn't pining over everything as i usually do. it's a foreign (and scary) feeling!

i mean, will i REALLY wear this print ten years from now? really? will i sit there and unashamedly declare that i still love it because it made me feel like the secret third member of salt n pepa? 

oh well. i am totally more lanvin~ it seems. which i suppose is nothing to complain about. now excuse me whilst i go fawn over my versace homeware instead, the only part of versace which truly matters (obviously).

if anyone wishes to share their thoughts, i'm interested to hear.

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