Thursday, 22 December 2011

it's christmas!

oh bother. i have been neglecting my blog! the very thing i said i wouldn't do! poor thing. praise the lord it isn't a living, breathing object else i'd probably have a manslaughter charge on my hands. the reasons for said neglect are the following: i was ill again (food poisoning for £2.99 from patisserie valerie), december being the season of birthdays, i helped raise £10,000 for charity, i've been applying for jobs, and i've been hideously busy with my masters as always.

2.03 - we no longer speak of it. (I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL)

i've also been working on a paper about governance feminism, hiv/aids and sex workers. pretty fascinating, but unfortunately i have a) a bitchy deadline, and b) an even bitchier wordcount. and as it currently stands, i am 3000 words OVER my prescribed word limit. oh deary me. however, i do hope to try and keep this up - even if i do have a thousand other things on my mind. sadly lipsticks do not equate to my whole life.

however, in the spirit of christmas...

 fotd darling? outfit post~?

nails - model's own (emerald city).

i must say that i pined after this shade for so long, and it doesn't disappoint. it is a stunning emerald green, and just screams festive! people always compliment my nails when i have this on, and as far as glitters go, it is decent in that you don't have to apply 1000 coats to get a full coverage (3-4 usually does the trick). i've been wearing it on/off during the entire month, and i love love love it.

i also have a secret for glitter-nail-phobes who are also serial nail polish peelers: apply a base colour first. not a base coat, but an actual proper shade. in this instance, i used no 7's 'dollar' (a deep metallic green), before applying the glitter. lo and behold, should you fancy it, you can peel the entire thing off, skipping the endless scrubbing with cotton wool. i wouldn't usually recommend people to peel their nail polish - it is a horrible habit i wish i could quit - but in this case, it really does save you time. i hope that everyone is having a wonderful christmas break.

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  1. very cool polish colour! I used to have a shade like that but not nearly as brilliant as yours!


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