Thursday, 3 May 2012

next challenge: killer buns and thighs and six-week six pack.

so far, i've lost 8.2" but as far as i know, no weight. i don't really weigh myself so i don't know how up and down i've been. all i know is that i've lost 2lbs recently - which is obviously better than nothing, but not a whopping amount by any means. it could just be water weight even. but now that summer is round the corner, i need to up my game! my problem areas really are my tummy (which is massive and gross and totally unbecoming) and my inner thighs. so, i will be doing my usual exercise gig and also completing jillian michaels' "killer buns and thighs" to review for you guys. not only that, but i'll be alternating it with her other dvd, called "six week six pack". i'm loving the cheesy names.

to act as some sort of motivation, i also bought myself some short shorts. well, actually they aren't my only pair, and technically they fit. BUT, i would only wear them with tights. i'm nowhere near bare-legged territory with these bad boys just yet. they're trashy and tacky and i love them.

i'll stick with those dvds for over a month, and see what progress i make with my legs. i'm really hoping i can drop some pounds and get some stubborn fat off me! i'm nowhere near ready for summer! come back in 5-6 weeks to see how i've done.

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