Monday, 21 May 2012

sleek blush in 'flamingo'.

i need to get this off my chest: i simply don't understand how i have a to-do list longer than my arm and yet find myself making zero effort to get any of it done. i have work this week, and then my birthday - but after that i think i'll lay low and get my own stuff done. no more making plans with people. i need some me time.

but anyway... a few days ago me and one of my bestest friends went to choccywoccydoodah. i rate their dip pot or whatever the hell it's called, but you can skip the slices of cake unless having a pulmonary is your thing. please see picture on the left for evidence. i honestly ate so much that i thought i was going to pass out there and then. as i'm not a massive fan of chocolate or sugary desserts in general, i think my body basically had a panic attack!

that aside, i saw that she was using the prettiest blusher ever, and as our complexions are very similar, i made up my mind to get it. it's kind of this lame running joke we have where one always copies the other and in this case, it was me. i seriously love sleek blushes. i honestly would pay £10 for them, so getting them for around the £4 mark almost feels criminal. 'flamingo' is an absurdly pink shade that also has a hint of coral in, without any shimmer. it's like summer has been packaged up!

if i saw this in the shop, i would probably be put off by how bright it is. i mean, it is seriously pink. however, it can be used for a more natural look so long as you apply it lightly and don't go beserk with it. i applied it quite sparingly myself i was going to a café before i took these pictures - but you can build this up as much as you like. it blends like a dream, so whether a light flush or super hot pink cheeks are your thing, this product really is amazing for that.

i'm sitting here typing... wondering if it has any cons... but none come to mind. it does the job, lasts for a very long time, and has more pigment than some of my mac blushes. i honestly have no cons with this product. NONE. n-o-n-e.

face: sephora base subliminatrice, mac studio fix (nw30), collection lasting perfection concealer (#2),clinique airbrush concealer (03 light), mac mineralize skinfinish (medium plus).
eyes: urban decay primer potion, illamasqua cream pigment (hollow), maybelline gel liner, mac studio fix lash, mac eyebrow pencil (stud), ruby & millie eyeliner pencil (brown/black), the body shop brow & lash gel.
cheeks: sleek (flamingo), illamasqua cream pigment (hollow).
lips: mac (speak louder).

my eyebrows are also getting too big for my face.


  1. Ok..I know this post is about the blush....but..OMG... That looks delish!!! I return to London in September for school and this may very well be the first place I visit after I get settled

    1. hahahaha go for it! it's just off carnaby street. the shop itself is really cool. x

  2. I was in superdrug the other day looking for Sleek, but I shall admit I didn't even take a glance at the blushes! And I would not have known they were such good value... But I love their eyeshadow pallets so I should expect this!
    I shall test one out next time I'm in!
    I'm not always a big fan of chocolate cake, but honestly that looks just gorgeous. And I live at the other end of Britain from choccywoccydoodah. Damn


    1. if you can, get 'rose gold'. it looks amazing on anyone and i can't recommend it enough. and hahaha, maybe i can post something to you. i can't guarantee it will still look like that though... x

  3. Choccywoccydoodah in Brighton is amazeballs, I wasn`t aware there was one in London. Will have to gander over.

    And, sleek make up is really good for the money!! xx

  4. I too have a long to-do list and also am not attempting (yet!) to do anything. I was feeling very guilty (esp since I'm reading blogs!)

    The blush looks lovely on!


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