Monday, 18 July 2011


by way of introduction, i am jasmine. i am 21 and from london. i have recently finished a law degree. i have a foul sense of humour. i grew up in east london but it’s difficult to say i’m from a particular place as i’ve moved so often. i currently work for a tv company, but have four weeks left there and will not be going back (i'm very maury). i like food, FASHUN, make-up and animals. i hate babies. i hate a lot of things but apparently it’s all part of my charm.

i have a new phone cover, it’s so sparkly. SWOON. me and my brother have the same phone so this (i hope) will be enough to stop that. for something i quite hate, i am still very attached to this piece of htc crap. due to an unfortunate incident where i thought it would make sense to give it a bath, it has trouble registering what i’m typing. moreover, due to voluntarily (and naively) becoming t-mobile’s bitch, i can’t upgrade until next year. my friend becca ( makes these and hers are 10000x better, checkitcheckitcheckit.

don't think it's worth me saying what make-up i wore, as you can't see much of it!

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