Wednesday, 29 February 2012

illamasqua s/s 2012: human fundamentalism.

yippee! the new illamasqua website is up (a massive improvement if i do say so) and has given a preview of the new collection too! and from the looks of it, i absolutely adore it - although them using a blue-haired model only makes me miss my dear friend maxine more. finally, the long wait is over!

you're probably thinking that i need to get a hobby. and frankly, i agree with you. i'm just stoked because their collections are truly the only make-up collections i ever get excited about - they're a total feast for the eyes and alex box is a total genius who always brings something new and exciting. the new collection is called 'human fundamentalism' (ooOooOoooo) and is available to pre-order on the site from early march.

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